Minggu, 10 November 2013

Five things you should never do in an airport !

 Whatever you do to cope with stress that often lead to the airports , take our advice : never do these five things .

1. sleep

Tired : jet lag has passed the bill you or your connection is very long . Your head says: " No ... I ... sleep " ; your body , however : " Drop down into the arms of Morpheus , well curled up here ... " but , whatever happens , do not fall into temptation. In a second you can go from " a nap " to miss the plane .

2. drunk

"And what? If I'm on vacation " . Despite how tempting it sounds to start your vacation the most cheerful, it makes sense to stay away from alcohol until you reach your destination .

3. Stalking the gate

You know of what we speak. Resist the almost uncontrollable need to roam the gate waiting to announce the departure of your flight like a twisted game of musical chairs .

4. Losing your temper

The airport experience offers many opportunities to lose your temper in style. So , nothing gives you the right to give you a hard time to any member of airport staff just because your flight was delayed . Not your fault , so do not take it with them .

5. Make it funny

The airport is not a good place for humor. When security personnel asks : "Have you done it yourself luggage ? " , Resist the temptation to respond : "The truth is that I was approached by a guy who looked suspicious ... " . Although you can smile , you can also get out the backfire , which runs security personnel pouncing on you and your suitcase bursting runs in a controlled explosion.

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